Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering

In the age of agile development cycles, rising customer expectations, faster time to market, and constant product evolution - the need to shift your testing efforts left have become a critical component for success. With over 25 years of experience in digital product development, our teams understand the need to deliver high quality software while being able to incorporate cultural changes such as test automation and continuous testing.

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Quality Engineering

Our Testing Expertise

At Miracle, we believe in a quality-first approach that promotes higher release velocities and earlier identification of product defects. With our world-class test delivery centers, we enable our customers to gain test efficiency across the digital spectrum.

Test Automation

Improve your development cycles by adopting a testing culture that incorporates automation, test metrics, and cross-browser test capabilities

Microservices and API Testing

As organizations move from slow release cycles with monoliths to iterative development cycles with microservices, testing early becomes crucial for success

Quality Engineering

Today's digital scale makes it essential for organizations to adopt a performance-first culture that incorporates load testing and quality engineering

Mobile App Testing

In a market where competition is fierce, it is critical to have a focus on testing your mobile apps to improve release velocity and ensure high quality experiences

ERP and SAP testing

With over 25 years of domain and functional knowledge, we can help your teams release mission-critical business applications with high confidence

Internet of Things Testing

With devices, streaming data, and numerous protocols - the world of IoT testing spans across security testing, functional testing, application testing


Our Thought Leadership

Value of Test Automation

Organizations must rely on delivering high quality digital experiences to stay competitive in a digital ecosystem. Teams that shift their testing efforts left, test more frequently and implement a continuous testing culture are able to achieve significant benefits in their agile development lifecycles.

Better Test

Improve your test coverage by incorporating automation and adopting an iterative development cycle

Earlier Defect

Automation allows you to shift your testing efforts left, hence detecting defects much earlier in their lifecycle

Increase Release Velocity

The ability to test your products more frequently allows you to release them with high confidence

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Improve the total cost of ownership of your testing efforts by bringing a continuous testing culture

Microservices Test Automation for Global Tire Distributor

Business Challenge

Our customer, one of the largest tire distributors in the world, was modernizing their core integration platform to a microservices architecture and found that the lack of a test automation approach was disrupting their need to be agile and iterative.

With complex BFF (Backend for Frontend) services and over 2000+ test cases, their regression testing cycles were long, error-prone, and manual. The lack of test case documentation was also a major factor that was causing roadblocks for the success of their initiative.

Our Solution
  • Developed a comprehensive test automation strategy based on Rest Assured Test Automation Framework
  • Automated over 2000+ test cases focussed on 12 microservices
  • Prepared detailed documentation for services functionality, data mapping, and test cases
  • Developed lessons learnt and best practices through the implementation
  • Implemented a test automation strategy in 10-12 weeks with a hybrid (onshore and offshore) team
  • Executed a rapid pilot to automate 1 service and showcase the benefits of test automation for microservices
Customer Benefits
  • Reduced testing cycle time from several days to 5-6 hours by automating over 2000+ test scripts
  • Increased test coverage and improved process flow with detailed documentation
  • Execution of the project with an agile methodology helped them in deliver iterative results with high visibility
  • Gained better release velocity by integrating the automated scripts into their Jenkins pipelines for continuous testing
  • Experienced improved quality of microservices along with a test-driven culture for quality releases
Technology Scope
  • Java, Rest Assured, TestNG, Maven, Postman, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence, Git

Regression Test Suite Automation for Automotive Services Firm

Business Challenge

Our customer is a leading nationwide provider of vehicle transition services including recovery management and remarketing. As they were modernizing their application stack and incorporating a digital business model, their main roadblock was the lack of proper testing strategy for their application stack.

With numerous applications spread across different technology stacks, there was a lack of standard testing process meaning, manual regression cycles, slower product release life cycles, and error-prone results. They were looking for a comprehensive test strategy along with the automation of their testing needs.

Our Solution
  • Developed a comprehensive test automation strategy and a data-driven test automation approach based on Selenium and Java
  • Created an automation test suite for new digital projects that can later become a part of the regression suite
  • Created and implemented smoke tests to help in the early detection of build issues
  • Implemented TestNG batch file execution approach to help in automating multiple tests to be run together
Customer Benefits
  • By creating a regression test suite that can be run before every release, the testing effort was reduced from days to hours
  • Introduction of smoke test suite ensures that build issues are identified and communicated to the dev team earlier in the life cycle
  • Achieved (n-1) automation which helped to automate the spring functionalities, enabling the team to rerun these test cases in the next spring
  • Through a data-driven approach, they were able to achieve complex data validation much faster and efficiently
Technology Scope
  • Java, Rest Assured, TestNG, Maven, Postman, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence, Git

Regression Test Suite Implementation for Electronics Distributor

Business Challenge

Our customer is a privately held technology distributor for consumer electronics including servers, storage, and networking solutions. As a part of their modernization strategy, they were undergoing the upgrade of multiple core applications including their ERP, CRM, EDI platform, WMS, and other web applications.

In addition to migrating their existing applications, they were also implementing new business initiatives that would benefit their marketing, vendor management, inventory management, and more.

The lack of a proper testing strategy along with manual regression meant that they had very little test coverage for their critical systems.

Our Solution
  • Work with the customer's team to develop a comprehensive test automation strategy
  • Designed and implemented an automation framework based on Microsoft's Coded UI
  • Created Coded UI scripts that provided robust testing and are easily maintainable
  • Created a layered automation framework that offers high flexibility to develop sophisticated tests
  • Created reusable test functions and developed an evolving regression test suite
Customer Benefits
  • Gained test coverage through the automation of over 300+ test scripts
  • Reduced test cycle time by ~35% to 40% while also increasing their overall test coverage
  • Improved feedback time and build quality by increasing the frequency of test suite runs on builds
  • Were able to reuse the automation framework and components for other applications
Technology Scope
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX, Team Foundation Server, Coded UI, WinForms Applications

Quality Engineering Services for an Automotive Manufacturer

Business Challenge

Our customer is a large automotive parts manufacturer with 170+ manufacturing plants across the globe. They were undergoing a major migration of their SAP servers and as a part of this effort, they were facing roadblocks due to the lack of test automation.

Some of their main challenges included the lack of standard testing processes, incomplete regression suite, duplicate test case scenarios, and lack of test prioritization and risk based testing.

Our Solution
  • Implemented a test automation framework along with a robust testing strategy
  • Improved functional test case(s) documentation
  • Developed and executed performance testing strategy with Micro Focus LoadRunner
  • Identified and developed test data for the custom and standard transactions within SAP
  • Implemented function testing using Silk Test Management Tool in different SAP environments
Customer Benefits
  • Gained higher release confidence by developing 540+ test cases and stories as a part of the functional testing
  • Identified the most effective test cases and suite for regression testing
  • Implemented performance testing using LoadRunner and calculated the maximum load the system could withstand
  • Reached an optimal test coverage level through the test automation of over 30% of the test cases
  • Improved test confidence due to the availability of thorough test case documentation for SAP transactions
Technology Scope
  • SAP, UiPath, Silk Test Management Tool, Micro Focus LoadRunner

Quality Engineering Services for a National Novelty Retailer

Business Challenge

Our customer is a national retailer specialized in novelty and gift items, clothing, jewelry, and more. They have a very complex payroll roster which is customized for their wide employee base based on process and location.

Their major challenges included,

  • Too many business scenarios led to time-taking and cumbersome regression testing and effort duplication
  • Effective payroll generation based upon the various rules was tedious and cost- inefficient
  • Lacked an effective test automation approach and scripting capabilities
Our Solution
  • Created a fail-proof and comprehensive workforce management test suite to cover all rostering scenarios of various employee categories and regions
  • Effectively integrated existing hybrid test automation framework with Selenium and Testing
  • Validated application performance using Jmeter performance monitoring tool for various business scenarios
  • Implemented effective regression testing suite for the entire workforce management application
  • Created a reference document for failed test case scenarios identification post-test execution
Customer Benefits
  • Automation of over 100+ test scenarios covering 7 regions helped them reduce overall test execution cycle times
  • 30% of time saved approximately in test script executions
  • Improved on test coverage additionally by 33%
  • Enhanced regressing test coverage with additional automation scripts
Technology Scope
  • Selenium, Test NG, Hybrid Automation Framework

Quality Assurance and Advisory Services for National Bottling Company

Business Challenge

Our customer is one the largest bottlers in the United States and they make and distribute over 300+ brands and flavors across the country. Some of their main challenges included,

  • Frequent business and functional requirements but a lack of sprint planning and user acceptance criteria documentation
  • Increased testing complexity due to multiple applications and workflows which involved internal and external integrations with their mobile app
  • Large API development effort as a part of their modernization initiative

They were looking for a Quality Engineering partner who could improve the test cycle times and bring higher test coverage for their complex landscape.

Our Implementation
  • Developed a test automation framework for APIs using Rest Assured, Java, and SOAP UI
  • Maintained and updated regression suite as per the frequent change requirements
  • Developed and advocated Requirement Traceability Matrix and Test Summary Report
  • Analyzed user stories to define acceptance criteria
  • Wrote test scenarios (functional, end-to-end flows) using Microsoft's VSTS
  • Implemented performance testing scenarios using JMeter
Customer Benefits
  • Achieved Cross-Browser testing capabilities across Internet Explorer and Chrome
  • Extensive API testing for more than 250 API methods which integrate with their mobile app
  • Designed and developed 500+ test cases across all applications which include end-to-end flows
  • Detected almost 500+ defects earlier in the development lifecycle to ensure QA sign off was done and application release timelines were met
  • Achieved cost and effort savings through test automation of regression suite for APIs
Technology Scope
  • Visual Studio Team Services, ASP.NET, Angular, Azure, Nintext, SQL Server, Swagger, Postman, SOAP UI, JMeter, Rest Assured

eCommerce Performance Engineering for Door and Windows Manufacturer

Business Challenge

Our customer is a manufacturer of premium doors and windows across the United States. They were looking for a competent partner to cater to the non-functional testing requirements of their web-based eCommerce application.

Their application needs to be tested with a load based on over 7000 users to ensure that their systems can scale and handle the incoming requests under various configurations and environments.

Our Implementation
  • Walkthrough with business teams on the application's business flows to strategize the test approach and conduct performance assessment
  • Classified the application functionality in board phases, primarily as designing, scripting, and executing
  • Identified of relevant scenarios for each phase and prepared of load test scripts for execution
  • Executed Age, Peak, Double Peak, Endurance, Volume, and Stress Tests for several rounds
  • Documented performance metrics and test results and completed baseline test prior to full-fledged load tests
Customer Benefits
  • Able to identify the capacity of the application along with the performance breaking point
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive load testing strategy
  • Miracle's Quality engineering methodology improved the maintenance overall scripts
  • Scripts were developed so that they may be reused across different environments with little (or) no changes
Technology Scope
  • JMeter, Jira, PHP, .NET Web APIs, SQL Server, AWS, Amazon Cloud Watch