Miracle Software Systems creates Coronavirus Assessment for Indian Citizens

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  Andhra Pradesh, India   Apr 15, 2020

COVID-19 continues to disrupt lives across the world as the latest figure of infected persons crosses 1.5 million worldwide. While the US continues to battle this disease, India is just beginning to see the effects of COVID-19 with just over 9,000 cases being reported amidst the world's largest lockdown.

Taking initiative, Miracle Software Systems, Inc. has created a dedicated webpage to keep Indian citizens updated with the latest information on the virus. The webpage provides real-time updates on the total number of confirmed cases, recovered people and deaths, and includes a daily newsletter for those who subscribe. It also provides a self-assessment which can be taken from the comfort of a person's home, giving guidance on whether or not they should visit a testing center based on their symptoms.

This tool is not intended for diagnosis or treatment purposes, but to give timely and accurate information so citizens can make informed decisions. We have also released a chatbot, specifically for Indian citizens, on Facebook Messenger built using Microsoft's Azure Bot Service, which can provide information on the preventive measures, myths, FAQs, government helplines and testing centers across India.

"Our COVID-19 assessment tool and chatbot both are aimed at giving the right facts to the community in India and ensuring that we can disrupt the spread of misinformation," says Chanakya Lokam, Director of Innovation for Miracle Software Systems, Inc. "We feel that technology can play a huge part in providing data to the citizens fingertips and enable them to stay home during this pandemic."

Using Cloud, AI and ML technologies, the Innovation Labs team was able to create these community solutions within a matter of days. Our intention is to provide facts and data to the common citizen in multiple languages (English, Hindi and Telugu) to ensure that we stop the spread of misinformation in the community. This is Miracle's small assistance to the community in a time where all of humanity must come together.

"We will continue to play our part and see how we can use technology to assist governments, enterprises and the community," says Lokam. "From RPA based automation to assist our customers during trying times to self-service chatbots to help frontline workers get some respite from a barrage of customer calls."

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