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Container Runtime

Container is a unit of software that is executable packaged with application code and all its dependencies. These software programs give virtual isolation for an application, to run on an operating system. This allows the application to be run seamlessly in any environment.

Docker is one of the popular container runtime environments, which can run on most common operating systems like Linux, Windows and even cloud-based Infrastructures. Some other container environments are,

  •  CoreOS rkt
  •  Mesos Containers
  •  LXC Linux Containers
  •  OpenVZ
  •  Containerd

Virtual machines vs docker containers

Docker containers are not limited to Linux anymore!


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Miracle Expertise

Miracle is a leader in Modern DevOps implementations including containerization of traditional applications. With a well trained workforce located in multiple regions, partnered with major Cloud Providers, Miracle can provide cost optimized and innovative solutions in Containers space.

Client Story

Miracle helped upgrade their technology stack for many of its clients ranging from small organizations with Miracle managed Infrastructure to Fortune 500 companies, leaders in retail, supply chain, sports retailers, manufacturers and automobile industries wanting to upgrade to the latest DevOps and Cloud technologies.

Miracle helped clients in their journey to containerize their monolithic applications and implement serverless architecture in saving costs, have the best performance and optimized solution.

Miracle has extensive knowledge in all the cloud offerings in containerization services and owns documented assets of procedures in containerizing different applications. Miracle has helped customers templetize the process to enable the customer to replicate the environments with one click.

Who we are?

Miracle Software Systems is a minority certified, global systems integrator with over 27 years of experience delivering best-in-class solutions for global enterprises. With over 2500 employees across the globe and experience working with 42 of the Fortune 100, we have built extensive expertise and knowledge across the enterprise Integration Stack that enables us to deliver innovative, high-quality, and cost optimized services to our customers.

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